GX Computers - Privacy Policy

To repair or upgrade your equipment I will need you to provide me with the following information.

What I do with your details?
I use the data that you provide me with to assist with the repair process. Your contact information will enable me to:

GX Computers takes the privacy of the information that you provide very seriously. Personal information, software and files which are outside the scope of the repair process will never be copied. No information will be copied or shared without your consent.

Once your equipment is booked in for repair a backup of your files and programs (if possible) will be taken. Once your equipment has been repaired and your device(s) has been returned any backup(s) held by GX Computers will be deleted.

Instances where it may be necessary to share information
If it is thought that a piece of equipment provided for repair is stolen property it is a legal responsibility to report any suspicions to the appropriate authorities. Similarly, it is also an obligation to report any other illegal activity that is discovered as part of the computer repair process. This includes any videos, photos or correspondence related to child pornography, domestic abuse and rape etc.

Dave Kidner - GX Computers
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